On paper, Westfield State looks a lot like other schools in its category, relatively small in size with a few areas of specialty but offering a wide range of high quality options to every applicant. It’s a strong value for the money and an easy choice for locals or the budget conscious. In person, however, it’s a bit of a different story. The campus is in a beautiful location when a potential applicant comes for a visit, they find the students they meet to be as interesting, talented and passionate as anywhere else. Our research showed that these two things, the campus and the community, sealed the deal. The question then became, how do we get that feeling into the promotional materials and can we convey a sense of exploration and community through print and video.

University view book

Choosing a college is the very beginning of something much bigger, and since most kids finishing high school are full of questions and wonder, we thought it appropriate to bring up a few things they might be wondering about.

We shot formal portraits, not to show happy students in a pleasant environment, but to show people who are working hard at many things and discovering, not only themselves, but what their future might hold.

A study in contrasts between modern architecture, nature, intimate nooks and welcoming hangouts, we showed the campus in bits and pieces to inspire potential students to visit.

Program Collateral

With a compelling photo on the cover and a campus image on the back, a series of six to eight page program brochures delivered the details through pull quotes, facts & figures, and student quotes.

Video Vignettes

To visualize a student’s questions or concerns about going to college we took an intimate look into their lives and created vignettes that showed the paths they are exploring. By utilizing newer 4k technology and a RAW workflow, we had the ability to recompose our frame ups, add panning and zooming to modify the motion shots, and pull RAW digital stills.




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