merck corporate campaign

With a new positioning line of Be Well, Merck needed a brochure that conveyed the humanitarian nature of their corporate vision while making note of their role in several scientific advancements and philanthropic efforts. An unassuming size of 7x9”, full spread emotive photography, uncoated paper, and direct but conversational copy helped the brochure to position Merck while supporting and offering proof points for the full range of the company’s scientific prowess.

Corporate Brochure

Custom photography, shot on location by Mike Weymouth, combined with stock images carefully chosen from a few other photographers, created an authentically global feel and the right emotive balance for the story.

To enhance the credibility of the stories, the philanthropic efforts needed to be spoken of very carefully so that they were not  boastful.

Campaign video

A Company wide voice

Beginning with the brochure, the campaign was designed to be an external, world facing voice, but also work internally as a rallying cry for Merck employees and new recruits. The full proposed campaign included trade show materials, regional sponsorship advertising, a web presence, video, internal banners and other templates for regional use.

Journal advertising templates were created to work in different sizes  as well as color and black and white. Banners and other templates were designed for use in Merck offices, trade shows and other events

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