Rising from their history as Lee Munder Capital Group, LMCG Investments and LMCG Funds needed a new logo, a new website, and a new look that would separate the two companies but still carry the overall brand forward.

The new company was based on a solid foundation in the business and a philosophy of separate, focused teams composed of specialists rather than generalists. We created a look that was conservative but had a slight edge and unique style to echo the philosophy of the firm.

corporate video

the new brand

The logo represents a solid foundation surrounding teams of specialists. To expand and add flexibility to the system, we designed the logo to work in alternative color palettes and formats.

The funds group used an entirely different color palette lending it a unique feel while maintaining a solid connection to the parent brand.

corporate and divisional websites

The corporate website was created with a relatively quiet, reserved look to give the parent company an established and sophisticated feel while the multi faceted funds group extended the look with a more colorful and active approach.

Strong angular shapes and black and white photography connected the two brands with color treatment offering differentiation

Print collateral

print collateral used strong angles, color and typography to help make dry information dynamic.

Custom Photography

black and white photography offered uniqueness in the space and an artful presence for the brand.

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