Gerbing is well known for their hunting and motorcycle clothing for winter riding, but wanted to expand the market into other cold weather activities, including skiing and spectator sports — but with a new contemporary feeling. They created a new positioning statement, “Thermovelocity Protection,” that helped guide us as we built out the rebranding. We first created a new identity for them, then a sub-brand system; with brand standards, hangtags, packaging, view book, trade booth, and website using black and white images with accents of silver, red and black to hold their entire system together.


The brand essence of Gerbing is at the “intersection of cold and speed.” It's a niche product that we wanted to make more accessible to more people, and with this new mark, we were able to make a splash in a challenging marketplace. The strategy process resulted in this final logo.


Coreheat, Microwire, and Nanowire are all sub-brands of Gerbing, and represent the heating technology behind their products. We needed to create a system that showed connectivity and engineering for sportswear. The marks had to work on a very small scale, when on clothing and accessory hangtags, for instance, so we created a flexible system where the marks could be truncated into their simplest form — just the connecting circles and the voltage number.


We shot custom product photography in our studio to be incorporated on the web, in catalogs, in advertising, and in other collateral. It was important to get every detail of the products, so customers would know how the garments and accessories look and function.


Since the products themselves conceal that they heat up, we wanted to create a “reveal” with the packaging. The exterior of all package design is black with pops of red and silver, but when opened, the box itself is brightly designed with a flood of images and color.


With the new Gerbing color palette, typography, photography, and graphics we designed a number of different print catalogs, look books, posters, and event signage.


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