Covidien Corporate Reports

Our relationship with Covidien spanned several years allowing us to develop a high level understanding of their brand and carry that through each report. Year to year the reports followed a similar thread and though unique, became a chapter in a much larger story.

2012 Annual Report

Stock photography purchased from unique sources enhanced covidien's library of existing product and patient imagery

2011 Annual report

For the 2011 report we used a short bit of copy to position Covidien as a key liason between doctors and their patients. The copy reads: In the middle. Amidst the everyday objcts and actions. The thoughts and moments in the O.R., in the lab, the office, the car, our homes. It's there we find the inspiration to make things better. To fix, to solve, to develop. Can we conquer this disease. Repair this trauma. Change this procedure. Create a better device. Because in the middle of these efforts, these actions, these ideas, lies a simple truth. In the middle of it all, lies a Dad, a Brother, a Son. A Mom, a Sister, a daughter, who simply needs to get better.

Color, layout and typography combine to make data visual

2013 corporate sustainability report

As part of their committment to responsibility Covidien did not print their 2013 CSR. Delivered as an interactive PDF, the 80 plus page document was visually active and lively so readers could scan through content quickly or drill directly to sections of interest. Pages of lengthy content were broken up with large images, callouts, sidebars and infographics. Color and typography similar to previous years helped to keep the corporate voice consistent with other reports.

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Text heavy documents like responsibility reports, need large photos, typographic treatments, and visually impactful infographics to create visual interest

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