The Boston Children’s Museum website and mobile website is a revitalization and modernization of its web experience. Redesigned around the Museum’s mission of engaging “children and families in joyful discovery experiences that instill an appreciation of our world, develop fundamental skills, and spark a lifelong love of learning,” the website is targeted to visitors, donors, and child development partners in the Museum’s peer group.


Elevating the public’s perception of the Boston Children’s Museum - from more than just a place to take their kids to play, into a museum where children can both play AND learn - was the main goal of the redesign. The challenge was to tell a more expansive story about the museum’s broader vision to visitors, donors, and child development partners. In addition, an optimized site was needed as nearly 70% of visitors were visiting the Museum’s homepage and Visitors section from mobile devices. Large, colorful photography was decided to greet the visitor on the homepage, with details of current educational events at the Museum. Navigation was streamlined.


The Boston Children’s Museum’s website required a refresh that translated across devices while vividly defining the museum as a place for fun and play. The site needed to be modernized: design not only an emotive homepage to make a good first impression, but also design a useful, responsive website with information available for users on-the-go. The responsive website was developed on the Drupal platform, an open-source CMS.


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